Our story

An Inspired Journey

How do you see the world around you; are you a stranger in a familiar land? Do you fearlessly prefer the road less traveled to see where it might take you? Do you have the courage to think differently and live a life worth remembering? Daring to be different is how we set out on our journey to create premium wine; daring to be different is likely the reason you are reading these words today…

We aren’t billionaire tech moguls. We aren’t trust fund babies. We aren’t 5th generation winery royalty… why, then, would WE embark upon a pursuit to create fine wine? For the Passion to build our Legacy. For the feeling of Trusting our inner voice and welcoming it’s quiet expression with open arms. For the Pleasure of landing in a sacred place, with a divine potion, and meditating within that magnum opus.

At Outcast Wines, we remain relentlessly committed to composing fine wine that even Bacchus and Dionysus would be proud of. We let nothing stand in the way of this dream. From business gatherings, to family celebrations, to feasts with friends, Outcast Wines heighten every conversation and help cast memorable scenes that live in your heart and mind ad infinitum. Like a silken thread woven through a graceful tapestry, let Outcast Wines be part of your life’s distinguished moments. In vino veritas.

The Outcast Story

It all started with three men from widely different backgrounds united by a love of great food and fine wine.

From an informal backyard gathering in 2007, to where we are today, our journey has taken us to some of the most exclusive vineyards in the golden state of California.

Our pilgrimage has taught us how to identify the best locations for growing specific grape varietals, and how to carefully coax their unique spirits to life.

We’ve studied everything from the processes of harvesting at peak ripeness, to sorting and crushing the grapes, to the science that lies beneath a perfect fermentation.

The Process

We harvest our fruit in the early morning hours before first light while the vines are still asleep. We then vinify each varietal in small unique batches that will later be orchestrated into final masterpieces.

We utilize exclusive French Cooperage aging vessels from specially chosen forests, and we adopt modern technologies, like optical sorting, to help us to select only the very finest raw materials from each individual grape cluster.

During each process, care is given to handle the juice as gently as possible so we don’t bruise the soul of each wine. Much of the fruit we curate is organic, and we intervene minimally while still creating the best wine you can in keeping these axioms in mind.

The People



A native of Belgium, Peter’s love affair with wine began during his many trips to Bordeaux with his father, an avid restauranteur.

Fluent in 5 different languages including Mandarin (he lived in China for 8 years), Peter is currently a financial Controller with one of the West Coast’s largest food companies.

Using his experience in the food industry, Peter has helped us to create the processes and checks/balances needed in order to navigate the labyrinth of licensing requirements, taxes, and other legal issues faced when bringing a winery presence to life.

He keeps our finances in order and ensures we comply with all laws and regulations needed to operate.



As a strategic alliances executive in technology’s Silicon Valley, Anuj brings a unique perspective to our business.

He enjoys creating business-to-business partnerships and is the architect of our website and e-commerce platform.

He helps with marketing and evaluates the various technologies that help us to define the Outcast brand.

He brings his unique energy to events and celebrations, and he applies his love for photography to visually capture our journey.



Alex has met the industry’s most dynamic wine professionals and has seen first-hand what it takes to make the best wine.

Having lived in Napa for several years, he has developed key interpersonal relationships that have been important in helping Outcast to secure access to exclusive fruit, top-end facilities, and the best equipment needed to produce the best wines.

Those connections ultimately led Alex to forge a friendship and partnership with Brian Graham, an expert vintner who now oversees all aspects of the Outcast winemaking project.

Charting our Course

Each year we’ve worked together, we’ve grown closer, smarter, and stronger as a team. We continue to evolve in our roles, and our wines reflect that growth.

We started small, beginning with 100 cases of wine in our first year, and as our knowledge and experience have grown, our volume, quality, and varietal offerings has also expanded.

Our commitment? Each bottle of wine is made with passion and character. Our mission? To produce top-quality wine and the lasting memories that follow.

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